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Faun SLT-56 Tank Transporter 1/35

Faun SLT-56 Tank Transporter 1/35

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With the deployment of the Leopard 2 MBT a need arose in the German Army for a new tank transporter which would be capable of transporting this new generation of heavier tanks. The new transporter, called SLT56, is an 8x6 tractor vehicle by Faun, the FS 42.75/42 (called Sattelzugmaschine, schwer, 8×6 (semi tractor trailer, heavy, 8x6)). The trailer is able to carry 56 tons, made by Kässbohrer, and is called Sattelanhänger 56t, Tieflader, tmil, 12×0 (semi trailer 56t, flat bed, military, 12x0).

The German Army purchased 49 of these transporters in 1989.